Welcome to the official website of our student team,
Competitive Programming Politecnico di Torino!

We are a group of competitive programmers actively engaged in national and international coding competitions, proudly representing PoliTO.
Famous for our expertise in coding, algorithms, and complex data structures, we tackle challenges with our skills.
Beyond competitions, many of us excel as software engineers in top tech companies. With a knack for mathematics and a passion for problem-solving, we redefine what it means to be cool programmers!

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Why consider Competitive Programming?

Introduction to CP meetings are back!   [March 2024]
We are glad to announce that we’re repeating last year’s Introduction to Competitive Programming meetings, open to the whole Politecnico's community!

They will consist of one introductory meeting, in which we’ll explain what Competitive Programming is, why it is so used for IT technical interviews, how to get started in this subject and then we’ll start the actual lectures about Competitive Programming, such as:

The first meeting will be on: Saturday 23rd at 11:15 AM
Location: Aula 15, Politecnico di Torino

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Celebrating Our Success at SWERC 2024 :   [February 2024]
We're thrilled to announce our stellar performance in this year's SWERC 2024 competition!

Our team, OverkillaTO, achieved an impressive 21st rank out of over 110 competing teams, making it our best result since the team's inception. As the 5th-ranked Italian university team, we're incredibly proud of our accomplishments.
Additionally, Checkmate Coders, another one of our teams secured the 85th rank, further highlighting our collective prowess.

Our amazing team members were:
1. Nima Naderi Ghotbodini
2. Federico Fortunati
3. Mattia Longo

Checkmate Coders:
1. Antonio Spadaro
2. Lorenzo Nikiforos
3. Pasquale Bianco

In each competition, we aim higher, pushing the boundaries of coding excellence. Join us as we set new milestones in the world of programming!
Read more about our achievement:
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